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hetta malone

I worked in advertising before retiring. In so doing I discovered that most clients did not have photographic images that would effectively "sell" their products and services. I purchased a small camera to create client images and a passion was born. Those first images were produced to satisfy clients and make their products appeal to a wide range of purchasers. I still enjoy this process when working on an assignment.

I've recently enjoyed transitioning to a more creative approach to making images. Viewer's reactions to this work are not as important to me, in fact I appreciate hearing varied opinions. It's great fun to produce work that has more to do with my window on the world, I do it for myself and that makes me happy.

My images have won numerous awards and have been seen in multiple publications, calendars and websites.
Candid photo was taken by friend Jeff Smith, a superb portrait artist.

CONTACT:  hetta.malone@gmail.com

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